Thank you for all your prayers, which you support me with, as well as for your sacrificial work in the Pastoral Center “Sursum Corda”, owing to which some millions of pilgrims from Poland could find shelter and aid during the visit in the Eternal City.
John Paul II, letter to custodians of the House of Pilgrim Sursum Corda, 14.01.2004

We warmly welcome you to the Sursum Corda pilgrim house in Rome!

For more than 35 years the Sisters of St. Anthony of Padua have stayed in Rome, close to all polish pilgrims who have come to the Eternal City to see the Pope and admire the beauty of more than twenty centuries of history. While we have changed our name and location on several occasions over the years, our mission of accomodating thousands of pilgrims has always remained the same. Our first place had been only few steps from the Vatican. Later we moved to the one of the oldest part of Rome – Trastevere.. Finally, we found the place, where we could cordially invite you – on Via San Giovanni della Croce 33, situated in the west of the Vatican (about 4.5 km).