In our house

We have 24 rooms of varying sizes for 2, 3 and 4 persons.There are also family rooms for 5 people. There are single and double beds in the rooms.Every room has its own bathroom, which is equipped with a bathtub and shower, as well as its own flower-adorned balcony.
Ideally located, the Pilgrim House is situated away from the busiest streets of Rome, while still conveniently located to various quick routes into the most popular destinations. It is surrounded by a large park. Being a place of pilgrimage, silence reigns in our house, providing a wonderful environment for rest and contemplation. Our peaceful Pilgrim House is an ideal place of repose after an intense day of experiences in the Eternal City.We begin the day with a Mass, most often celebrated by our director, Father Konrad Hejmo, with co-participation of by the Sisters of St. Athony. All residents of the House are warmly welcome to attend.
There is a self-service bar conveniently located near the main reception desk.
In order to place a booking, please contact us by phone or e-mail, or simply use our direct contact form in the “Contact” area.